Best Unique Study Abroad Locations You Should Consider

Best Unique Study Abroad Locations You Should Consider
Best Unique Study Abroad Locations You Should Consider

If the idea of studying abroad is appealing, but you want to go somewhere more off the beaten track than France, Spain, Germany or Italy, this list of more unusual places to study might have some appeal.

Before you decide where to study abroad, you’ll need to decide what is most important for you in a study abroad experience


Here are Best Study Abroad Locations You Should Consider


10. Norway

Norway’s universities are excellent, and the nation itself has a rich history. Combine that with its relatively successful current state of government, and you have an excellent location to spend a semester or two.


9. Jordan

Like Morocco, Jordan is a politically stable and safe option for study abroad. Jordan has the bonus of being geographically closer to the rest of the Middle East if you’re interested in exploring that part of the world.


8. Morocco

Politics in this North African nation are far more stable than some of its neighbours, which might not be the safest locales for students form the U.S. In addition to being tourist-friendly, Morocco is a great place to study. At the same time, you brush up on both Arabic and French-speaking skills.


7. Turkey

If you want to see a different side of Europe, Turkey is an excellent choice for study abroad.


6. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a lovely city to visit, so why not spend a semester at one of its superb universities?


5. St. Petersburg, Russia

For art history students, in particular, the cultural offerings on display in this fantastic city make it an excellent place to spend some time studying.


4. New Zealand

New Zealand’s English-speaking neighbour, Australia, tends to get most of the study-aboard love in that part of the world. But New Zealand is a beautiful country and would be well worth spending time in.


3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a city blessed by oil money, and its dissipation has been attracting foreign interest toward an area that was once desert. Several U.S. universities have outposts in Dubai, making it a suitable place to study abroad.


2. Switzerland

Like Hungary, Switzerland offers a European alternative for those who’d like to go off the beaten path. This melting pot nation provides opportunities for speakers of French, German, Italian and English, thanks to its location and status.


1. Hungary

If you want to study abroad in Europe, but you aren’t tied to the study of a specific language, skip the old study abroad stalwarts like France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Check out Hungary as another option.